This just shows you that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story


I was looking through my desk at work for a picture.  Among the pictures of my boys I found piece of paper where I had been keeping track of my body measurements as I lost weight.  The month I got pregnant with my first child is the smallest I have been since I got married.   I’ve had some weight issues a good chunk of my life but I’ve never been considered obese, just over weight.  I have had some very successful times loosing weight and some health problems that led to weight gain.  So when I found this piece of paper I was curious to see where I was back in 2004.  Well guess what?????  I am practically the same size I was back before my first child even though I weight more.  I was very active in 2004.  I was going to the gym, weight training, and spinning classes (indoor cycling) and loving it.  I was really getting within 15 lbs of my ultimate goal.  Then we decided to have a baby and I’ve struggled ever since.  But this shows you that the scale really doesn’t tell the whole story or in my case really very much of it.  I am the same size (minus an inch in my thighs and an inch in my arms) that I was 8 years ago.  I think I am in better shape now with all of my activities than I was back then, maybe a little smarter too.

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