One year later . . .

This post is kind of on the same thought as yesterday’s.  In my head I still think I am bigger than I really am.  Photos usually support the image in my head and not reality.  So I had the idea to take a picture of myself wearing the same outfit in a “before” picture (that I don’t usually share because I hate it) taken last summer the week of July 4th.  I also found a couple more pictures from that trip that I probably hate even more than the full body one.  Well I was even shocked at the differences. 

So this collage of pictures really is a motivator for me because the scale hasn’t moved in 3 months but I keep loosing inches.  So the scale really isn’t a gauge for how well I’m doing, my weekly measurements are.  I’m not the exact same size as I was before I got pregnant with my oldest but I am sure close (having babies makes stuff shift around and is never the same).   I am going to try and put away the scale and only check once a week and try and just rely on my measurements.  I’m down another 1/4 inch in each calf which equals total 3/4 of an inch out of each calf and my total to 18.5 inches are gone.  So I will take getting more muscle because it means a smaller, stronger, and better me.   I printed this one out and put it in my journal because I love it that much.  I showed my chiropractor this morning just the difference in the bottom left picture and me since I’ve got that outfit on today.  She gave me a big hug and said how proud she is of me and hope that I am that proud too.  Don’t worry I am. 🙂

A weather front is suppose to come through this weekend making the temperatures and humidity a ton better (for the short time).  I’m going to take advantage that it is suppose to be 69 F in the morning and go for a run.  My schedule got off again but that’s ok, I’m still moving.   We might be able to get out for a family bike ride on Sunday and I can then swing my bell that afternoon.

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