Book Review of Heather Wynn’s Enough Already

So I gave hints about this book back a couple weeks ago before I went on vacation.  I was able to finish reading it while I was relaxing on the beach.  

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!  I wish that it had existed back in 2011 when I was trying to start my fitness journey.  So I will give the statement that I am not at the beginning of my journey and I’m somewhere in the middle of it.  My mindset has changed dramatically over the last 6 years but there is always ways to improve it or make it better.  So I may be in a different place than you are but it doesn’t matter, we all can benefit from this book and how she has you look at your life. 

So the entire title is “ENOUGH ALREADY! Finding Happiness Now in a World That Wants to Sell You Perfection Later”

The title alone speaks volumes – there are so many programs, products, get fit quick scams.  Disclaimer- if you sell products or programs, I am not digging at you, I am just speaking in general.  If a program works for you then great, I am super happy for you that you found something that works for you.  

But the internet, social media and gyms are full of things like this and they don’t get to the root of someone’s problem or tell them how to improve themselves.  If the person signs up for a program and a few weeks in, messes up, eats too much, whatever then they think they are a failure and that they are the problem and not the silly program that they signed up for.  So many times people will say they will be happy when they finally loose the weight, get fit, etc., then they will be happy.  But if they get to their goal, they haven’t fixed the mental side of themselves and find themselves as unhappy as they were when they started.  If they don’t hit their goal, then they think they are a failure when the plan, product or whatever is what was flawed to start with.  

So she starts out the book Part 1, going through her background, what she was witnessing in the fitness world, and her own struggles.  I really loved this section because it makes the process she wants you to go through a whole lot more relatable than just another fitness book.  She is like me in that she tried multiple diets, eliminating whole food groups (when you medically don’t need too) and had struggles just like I have.  That goes leaps and bounds for the normal person to connect and then want to make the changes that she walks you through.   This was the longest section of the book and took me a little bit to read through but spoke volumes to me because she gave her whole history and experiences.  So in addition to her story she goes into what she witnessed, behaviors in clients, research and studies that she did that all reinforced what she experienced in her own journey.  All these weight loss/gain or weight-controlling behaviors such as emotional eating or restrictive eating are symptioms of your internal emotional and mental state. 

Part 2 dives into using positive mindset and how it’s a super important if not the most important part of your journey to make life lasting changes.  This part is insanely powerful.  I will tell you that now that I have read the whole book, I need to go back and re-read Part 2 and 3 to really get the points she goes through into my head and heart.  But this section teaches you more about where you are, why you are here and where this version of you came from (page 132, 133).  She really emphasizes saying goodby to the old you and the old stories that you tell why you aren’t good enough or what you are lacking.  From this point on, then you are only to speak on how deeply you love, how loud you laugh and how great you truly are.  These statements are so awesome, and heart warming.  We should love ourselves right now (remember I told you to do that a couple weeks ago).  Heather says it well “All the power lies within you, so let’s go find it.”

Part 3 is the final but most important section. Now that you have identified these negative self talk and behaviors, she dives right into how to go into fixing the mental part.  She guides you through idientifying what your core values are and then using them to help you make future decisions, letting them become your moral compass.  If you know what your core values are then you know shat is most important to you.  Not what is important to your favorite fitness pro, your peers, or even your family.  It’s what is what is important to you.  This sets up your starting point.  The titles of the remaining sections really show you the road map through how to take control of your mental game.  Self-Talk, Setting boundaries, The Social Media Cull, Attitude of Gratitude, Critical Thinking, Embracing your True-Self, Practicing Good Self-Care, Putting the Love into Self-love.  

So yes I love this book and wish it had existed 6 years ago, but it didin’t so I will take advantage that it is here now.  I need to go back and re-read sections 2 and 3 to really grasp everything and put it all in motion, but like all self-improvement tasks they are not instantaneous.  It takes time and it is so worth it.  

So the Book – Enough Already! Finding Happiness Now in a World That wants to Sell you Perfection Later by Heather Jayne Wynn is on Amazon ( I will come back and put a link).  Go find it and buy it and yes it will be worth it to read it and put everything into play.  I promise.  

11 responses to “Book Review of Heather Wynn’s Enough Already

  1. Great review! I just had my third baby via emergency c section. As I’m approaching the 6 week postpartum mark, I’m beginning to think more and more about getting my body back. It’s so tough as a mom and I know I’ve definitely become more insecure in my own skin after having three babies. I’ll definitely be looking up this book!

  2. Great review! As a mom of three, just recovering from an emergency c section, I’ve begun thinking more and more about getting my body back. I know after three kids, I’ve become more insecure in my own skin. It sounds like this is a great book to focus on finding myself again. I’ll be looking this book up, thank you! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful review, it sounds like a great book. Not that I need to add any more to my TBR, but the title and your description made it sound like it’s worth the time to read it.

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