Love yourself and your body right now!!

I’m serious – love it right now, in the shape you are right now and your current level of fitness and ability.  Appreciate what it can do and love it for it, right now.

I talked about this several years ago here –

All of this still applies.  I’ve been on this health and fitness journey since 2012.  That’s when I decided to start running, which changed my life in so many ways.  Am I done with my journey?  nope, not in the least.  I still want to loose more pounds and inches but that doesn’t mean I can’t love my body and be happy.  I’ve heard in numerous places that “if I loose weight, get healthy then I ________________________.”  Fill in that blank with whatever it is like “be happy”, “love my body”, “be successful”.

Why do we, or me have to wait to be happy? I can be happy with my life, my family, my health, everything right now.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want to continue to make improvements or changes.

You might ask me, well if you aren’t at your weight goal, how are you happy with your body?  Well I’m not completely happy with it but I am learning to love parts, appreciate what I’ve done in my life so far with it and how strong and capable it is.

Because of my strong and capable body, I can complete half marathons, triathlons, 2 day bike events and whatever else I put my mind too!!

Yes I have the mommy tummy and stretch marks, well those remind me sometimes not so lovely that I have birthed two beautiful boys.  It’s ok that I have flaws or things like this, as long as you take away the positive.  I have two beautiful boys and are happy, strong, healthy and a little nutty.

My legs are very muscular, they will never be small and that’s ok.  I love them for the ability to run and bike ride.  I appreciate the definition that I have, I have a calf muscle shelf, kind of hard to take a picture of but it’s there!! I’m getting small definition changes in my quads.  It’s awesome and fun to watch the changes.

Love and appreciate your body for what it can do RIGHT NOW!!!  You don’t have to like every part of it.  I get annoyed by my arms most days but then I loose another 1/2 inch off each bicep and can feel the muscle changes beneath my skin.  It’s amazing.  I see subtle changes to my shoulders and back.

My shoulders and back help me to swim all those thousands of yards in the pool, they help me lift up my kids (not the big one anymore), helps me to do the projects around my house.  So do you see where I’m going with this????  Fitness media, fashion magazines, and TV tell you that you too can be happy if you do this diet, do this magic bullet program, whatever the deal may be.  I want to let you in on a little secret – there isn’t a magic bullet or an amazing program that will make you happy.  you have to decide to do that and it starts with loving yourself.  You will not be successful (there are exceptions) with a fitness program if you don’t truly want in your heart or if you do not love your self for who you are right now!

I’m proud of what I have done so far and excited to keep going.

So I’m telling you that I love my body and all it’s abilities.  I see that I have a much flatter stomach and my friend Jess keeps telling me I have abs.  So I went out and bought a bikini.  First one I have owned since high school and you know what?  I’m going to wear it all over the beach and at the pool and where ever I want.


This is me, the real me and yes I usually have that smile on my face.  Be truthful to yourself, love yourself and make an honest effort to love your body.  You make not love all of it and that’s ok.  Just try.

One last thing, I have been reading this book!!


It echos and goes into even more what I am talking about.  I’m still in the middle of it and will write up a more detailed review or my take on it later.  But I think everyone should read this!!  I’m serious.  I learned about this author from Ben Coomber, he is in the UK and an amazing healthy and fitness guy.  His website is

He is really cool and I listen to his podcast and got to participate in an 8 week program that was run by him.  So more to come about Ben!!

Ok so

  1. love your body right now
  2. if you don’t love your body then slowly look for and find things you like
  3. check out the book
  4. check out Ben Coomber

Talk to you guys later!!

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