Love your body

I know you all need a race recap from the Pi Mile and on what I’m up too but I’ve had this post in my head for a couple weeks.  So you are getting this one first.

Especially since having my boys, I’ve not been happy with the way my body looks.  I would almost say that I hate it.   It’s squishy, sags, rubs together etc.  I can go on way too long about the flaws but I noticed something.  I’m starting to like how my arms look and they are getting tighter.  I laugh and say I have less of my own personal cheering section (my wings don’t wave as much).  I have some definition in my upper arm.  I have more of a waist and I lost one set of rolls on my back.  I’m being real here.  I am also starting to like my legs.  My calves are smaller than they have almost ever been and I have a little definition/shelf when I flex.  I’ve never had that.  My thighs (even though they are still squishier than I want them to be) are strong and are getting more defined.

So as I stand looking at myself in the mirror I may not like everything I see but I am beginning to appreciate what my body can do and love it just the way it is.

a8605fbc2215178da374ca10fa100531Which I think is a huge step.  I want to keep going down my current path so that I continue to like what I see and appreciate what I’ve got right now.  My body is strong and can do amazing things even if I don’t like parts of me all the the time.


So from now on, when I look at myself in the mirror and find me being a little too critical, I’m going to then point out something about my body that I do like.  Something that I am proud of and want to show off.  Baby steps!!

29b430e2d00f7067c99e106bcbacc62fI challenge each of you to do the same!


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