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Hi, my name is Anna.  I’m a mom of two boys, who keep me on my toes.  I’m also married to my wonderful husband and I’m an engineer who works full-time.  I started my journey to get fit last year and needed a place to keep it all written down in one place.  So now here is my blog where i will tell you each step in my journey to get fit and healthy.

Please feel free to ask me questions and I will do my best to tell you why, how or what I am doing.

Why did I start this journey?

I started training to run a 5k in December b/c I had to do something to get positive momentum and loose weight. I had a physical in July and other than being overweight the only other abnormal result was my cholesterol. It’s a little high. My LDL is a little high, everything else is fine so therefore my overall is a little high. I tried for the months of August, Sept, Oct and Nov. to exercise and eat a good diet (I follow the diabetic guidelines, I’m not diabetic but my body seems to respond better to that). I did good for Aug and Sept, but then i got sick and my boys schedules went crazy. I spent the rest of October and November upset with myself that I couldn’t do this and I needed to go back for a followup and in my head my doctor was going to yell at me. Several of my friends run so I would periodically have a thought about running. Then my friend Lucy was talking to me. she is my inspiration – she has lost 200 lbs, ran 5 1/2 marathons, is a zumba instructor and wants to run a full marathon. She has arthritis in her knees and problems with her feet. If she can do it, i better figure out how too. I’m an engineer and really function better if I have a plan. So I got my couch to 5k plan, made me a fitness journal to keep everything and got me a few new pieces of clothing and socks to run in. December 2nd was my first day. I have been going strong (with a break at Christmas – i had all planned out when I was going to run the week before and after but life blew up and I got sick) ever since. I’ve only had one other time where I didn’t run in a week. I made it almost excuse proof so that I couldn’t come up with a reason why I couldn’t run. I use my neighbor’s treadmill usually one night a week or on the weekend if the weather is bad. I then try to get my other two runs on the golf cart paths around a local lake. I have shocked myself that I can actually do this.

This is the first time in a very long time that I am this driven, committed and ready to do this.  The last time I felt this way was before I got pregnant with my oldest.   I was going to the gym 3 times a week and loving spinning classes.  I was only 10 lbs above what I weighted when i got married and about 15-20 lbs away from my ultimate goal.  After having both my boys, I would want to loose weight but wouldn’t have the drive to do it.  I would start, loose 5,10 or so lbs and then get frustrated.  Then I would flounder around like a fish out of water until i tried something else and then would repeat the cycle.  this time is different – I have the push that I need to get my cholesterol down, I know i’m over weight and I need to put myself first.  I’m finally in a good place in my head where I have goals and see myself achieving them and getting results.  I truly never thought I would ever say that I am going to run much less run 5k’s.

I got me a new/used bike from a friend and I’m going to start riding.  This has lit a fire under my husband and he pulled his bike out and put new tires on his.

Getting a bike has got me thinking. . .  i really don’t think I will really ever “LOVE” running.  right now it’s a way for me to push myself and get healthy.  but the thought of running any more than 5k’s or possibly 10k’s just doesn’t even appeal to me.  Then i read an article about small triathlons.   So now i’m completely intrigued on tri’s.  I’ve now decided my new goal is to do one or two sprint length triathlons next year.   I’m going to continue getting myself fit and healthy this year and run as many 5k’s as I want to and then next year start training for my first tri.

Two things that have helped motivate myself – First, I created a fitness journal where I put everything.  I mean everything – inspirational things, running routes, measurements, pictures, recipes, workouts, journal notes and so on.  I carry this thing everywhere and love writing and putting stuff into it.  Second, I pay myself $1 a workout, $2 if I kicked butt and $5 for every 5k I finish.  Then I cash it out and buy something I want.  It can be fitness related, that’s how I bought my running skirt, or not.  I bought yarn for my knitting habit.

So there you go, this is where I am now and I will continue to post my journey to help inspire, educate or whatever anyone that is interested.

Current collage pictures

October 2011  to October 2016

This is the best (and worst) before picture that I have.  It was taken on a family trip to Chattanooga and I never, I mean never shared it.  Well until it became the best before picture ever.  It really shows you how far I have come.  The picture on the right was just last month to keep me in the right mind set and to remind myself how far I have come and I am no the same person any more.  I have yo-yo’d a little in inches lost but I am still in the 50+ inches being lost from head to toe.  There is only a 10ish pound difference in my weight but massive difference in the amount of muscle that I have gained and the amount of fat that is gone.


October 2011 – Bike MS September 2015 – Acworth Women’s Triathlon August 2015

This just shows me I can do anything that I put my mind too.  I can do 2-day bike rides of 100 miles, I can do sprint triathlons and win age group awards.  I am strong and can do anything I want too!


On the right is my very first sprint triathlon – Tri PTC  in August 2013 and on the left is me at the Acworth Women’s sprint Triathlon in August 2015.  2 years later and I am not the same person.  I am stronger, a little faster and more confident.


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15 responses to “About me

  1. Anna, I am a freelance writer and I would like to do an interview with you about your journey if you are up for it. It will be published on a health and fitness blog for a series called “Health Heros”. The story will have a link back to your own blog (additionally, available for you to post on your own blog). If this is something you would be willing to do, please contact me via e-mail at: thisischeriroberts@yahoo.com . The subject line should have your name and your blog’s name.

    I will conduct the interview via e-mail in the way of a handful of questions for you to answer. It won’t take a lot of your time and will be really good (free) exposure for you and your blog.


    ~ Cheri

  2. I too started a blog to document a journey; to run my first marathon. Blogging is such a great way to help focus on a goal! Now that my race is over I’m still blogging, and writing my way toward a balanced and healthy life. Glad to have found you!

  3. you are a rock star. keep going. i just stumbled upon your blog, and i know you’ve been at it awhile, but i’m so happy when i see women running, especially with a family in tow. way to knock it out. xx

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