Lost my biking mojo

I have Bike MS coming up in a month.  My usual plan is to ride the 60ish mile ride the first day and the 30 mile ride the second day.

This is a great event and every year I am all excited and plowing ahead on my training plan.  Until this year. . . .  I don’t want to get on my bike.  I finished my triathlon in May and every time I got on it I was frustrated.  Didn’t enjoy it and just looked at my bike sitting in my foyer on my trainer.


I had my sprint triathlon a month ago and I haven’t touched it since.  If you are friends with me on facebook then you do know that I crashed my bike (yes I am fine) and still finished my race with coming in 3rd in Athena Division.  I had a flat tire once I got back to my bike after the run.  My plan had me getting right back on my bike after the race and at least getting an hour ride in and then I would build from there.  Instead I just stared at my bike with a flat tire in my foyer.

I even had a thought to not go at all to the event.  Then I felt that was selfish of me.  I am granting myself some grace.  I don’t have time to build up to 60 miles but I have time for the two 30ish mile rides and enjoy myself.  It’s ok for me not to ride the longer distance and it’s ok for me to go and have fun all in the name of raising money to fight MS.  It’s the least I can do.  So it’s ok to be in a funk and loose your mojo but not to punk out and give up.


So as of now, my bike is clean and my tire is fixed.  I will start now to just spend a little time with her and not be too hard on myself.

Now this doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy this summer.  My dear friend on the right (in the Georgia hat, yeah yeah I know Georgia — boooo!) is training for a half marathon.  Back in July she was not excited (still isn’t) about racing but wanted to train well for it.  Well me and another great friend (one on the left) love her so much that we are willing to run with her on her training runs, yeah all of them, to keep her motivated and on plan.  So we just ran 10 miles with her for fun and we aren’t signed up for anything.

So if you are in a funk, give yourself some love and grace and find the fun in it.  Because that’s what I’m trying to do.  Here is a shameless plug – go make a donation on my page so that I can hit my fundraising goal!!


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