Teardrop half marathon 

This is the third year that I have done this race.  I have a weird liking to this race, yes it may be an obsession.  Something about it brings me back each year.  I also successfully drag multiple friends along with me.  This year was no different.  I had several friends running the half marathon with me and another group running the 10K which was a new addition for this year.

I got my last long run finished with my good friend and then suffered through an ice bath so I could walk later.  LOL

We did a point to point run, leaving a car at the finish so that we could find as much net downhill has we can find in this part of Georgia.  Luckily Peachtree City is pretty hilly so we had options.

I rode up to Chatsworth with several friends.  We got settled into our super fancy (not really) Super 8 motel and got ourselves ready for the race.  While I was laying out my outfit, I realized I forgot my socks.  I was wearing compression socks the day before and was going to use them after, but was not planning on wearing them during the race.  I personally don’t like the tightness during my runs.  I like them especially after.  I decided I was just going to run to Walmart and see what I could find, when a roommate had an extra pair of hers.  They were not the brand I wear (I love my Feetures) but they were good quality running socks.  I decided that was my best option and I would lube my feet a little extra the next day to hopefully keep the blisters away.

I slept ok for a race day, then we were all up early to get ready.

It was a beautiful day to run down a mountain.  We got to the finish line and shuttle bus stop, grabbed a quick photo and then the half marathon ladies got on the bus to get to the top of that mountain in time for the start.

My friend Brenda has run this race with me all 3 years (since the race started).  We both have a funny obsession with this race.

Here we are the half marathon ladies all ready to go.

The first 5 miles are an out and back at the top.  This was changed from just straight running down the mountain after the first year.  That was one of the major complaints that year.  You ran down the mountain then had to snake for 3 miles through town.  It was the most horrible 3 miles because you had to run back up and down after you trashed your quads running down the mountain for so long.  Even with the change it’s not an easy 5 miles.  It’s up and down, with a big up on the return to the mountain top.  But once you turn around at the top you know its more down than up.  It’s still rolling up and down until after mile 4 or 5.  Once you past this point it’s all downhill until the last mile or so.

So somewhere about mile 5, I started chatting with this nice lady.  Found out her name is Jennifer and is from California.  We talked for over 5 miles, just about everything.  It makes all of this fun for me to be surrounded by like minded people.  We connected so much that we have now shared info and are friends on Facebook.  Running connects people all over the world.

She is the one on the right. So this group of ladies came and ran the Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon the day before and then ran the Teardrop.  They are collecting half marathons in all 50 states.  So very cool.

Jennifer and I split somewhere around mile 9 I believe.  I took a walk break after a long stretch of downhill.  I could still see her for a while in front of me.  I hit mile 12 and 2 hours and 28 minutes.  I was 2 minutes faster than the year before.  With just over 1 mile to go, I was trying my best to get a new PR.  Well the humidity and that last mile just chewed me up and spit me out.  I finished in the same time as last year.  2:47.  Very proud of this time, this is not an easy race by any stretch.

The photographer was awesome and you got free downloads of our race pictures.  Yeah he got my pose and some good ones of me running (begrudgingly up another damn hill).

Once you make it over the last hill, you come into town and make a right turn.  You can see the finish line not far in front of you.  It’s all you can do to muster up the strength to push to the finish line.  I did it!


So we all think that the medals are good, the shirts were terrible and streaker gifts (for the people that have run it all 3 years) were cheezy.  I sent feedback to the race company about the shirts and streaker gifts.  I gave my shirt to my 12 yr old, he may or may not wear it.

Here are all three medals from the years.  The wooden one is just neat, last years was too small and just ok, this years is much better.  I would be fine if they settled on that type of logo for the race and used it on everything.

Here is how I spent the next several days trying to recover from this race to be ready for the next.  I stayed in my compression socks for 3 days.  I also found that using a frozen water bottle as a roller for my thighs helped a bunch.  I would also run it up and down my calves.

My plan for the week before my Triathlon was to – rest first, swim, spin on my bike and relax.  That’s it!!


I used my bike to help me loosen up my legs.  Felt better than I thought it would and it was a comfortable speed to maintain.  So as my week continued I got ready for my Lake Guntersville Olympic Triathlon!!  Stay tuned for that race report coming soon!!

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