End of School came and I disappeared!!

Whoops!!!  Sorry about that.  I had my two big races – Tear drop Half marathon and the Lake Guntersville Olympic Triathlon and then the end of school hit.  I thought that things would slow down over the summer but they really haven’t.  I’ve been up to my ears in camp schedules, working on my house and everything in between.

So, yes I am putting together race reports and you will see them this week, I promise and they have some great pictures.

Your question, what have I been up to?

Well besides chase my two boys around I have been trying to have some consistency with workouts.  I really haven’t wanted to run since my triathlon so I let that take a break and have been concentrating on strength training and swimming.  I throw in a bike ride or run now and then.  I have run a handful of times and starting this next week I will be back at it on a regular basis.  I do have another race coming up – PTC Sprint Triathlon on August 19th.  It’s an amazing local race that I love!!  I can very comfortably complete all the separate distances, so for the next month I will be more consistent and doing all of them and getting in a couple brick workouts (bike ride followed by a short run).

So look for more posts this week with my race reports and anything else I throw out there.  Hope you all are having a great summer.  I’m enjoying my first summer home with my boys.  We are having fun, doing a little structured school work, playing in the pool and enjoying that I am home.


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