I don’t do shorts.  

Anyone who is around me, or follows my blog figures out that I wear capris (my crazy ones) or running skirts. I haven’t worn shorts in years. I have some in the closet but I don’t like how they look or feel. Nevermind athletic shorts. I would be too self conscious about my legs, stomach or whatever. 

So . . . . I was shopping for an outfit for my PN final photo shoot and I found these at Target. 

And guess what????  I love them and I bought them. Not only that, I found these at Walmart and like them too. 

Crazier things have happened. But I’m more comfortable in my body and more willing to show it off plus I just tried them on. You never know if you will like something unless you try it. 
And yes I’m working on my race reports for both the Teardrop and my Olympic Triathlon but I have been up to my ears in soccer stuff. Yeah I’m my oldest sons team manager and it’s tournament time. 4 of them in the month of May. Crazy!! 

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