Bike MS Atlanta – Ready to do it all again

So speaking of doing things again, I signed up to ride in the Bike MS Atlanta AGAIN!!!  This will be my 5th year riding.

Year 1, I didn’t even really know what I was getting myself into and what I would learn about myself while doing it.

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Year 2 – learned a good lesson about listening to your body.  Had to stop on the first day at mile 51 due to feeling dizzy and overall just weak.  Took a van ride back to the start/finish.  Did fine the second day.


Year 3 – I loved this year!!! I worked by butt off and it showed.  This course is nice but very hilly.  The 62 mile ride is so much fun until after mile 35 when you stop for lunch.  After that you keep going up and up and up.  This year I worked super hard and these hills did not get me and I felt the strongest I have ever have.


Year 4 – Course change, but I went at it with everything I had.  I felt strong in my training.  The first day was long and I felt good until the last 5 miles coming into Lagrange.  They kicked my butt.  Well my hip actually.  My hip and back were acting up after the first day.  I got a massage and did all I could to take care of myself.  Well 12 miles into the second day and I was done.  Took a van ride back to the finish.  It’s ok!!  I still had a wonderful time and had great company.  I love this ride and all it’s challenges.

So I am super excited to do it all again!  This year, course changes again – we will be starting and finishing in Lagrange this year.  So it’s going to be hilly and a bear but I will just have to prepare for it.  So what do I need from you?????


GO DONATE MONEY TO MY FUNDRAISING PAGE!!!  All amounts help so if you can give $5 then you are awesome! If you can give more, then you are double awesome.  I don’t care, just if you have it in your heart to donate I would really appreciate it.

Here is my fundraising page!


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