I love maps/pictures/data/graphics etc.

So I finally decided to ask one of the group leaders (yeah let’s call him that :)) for the Witness Through Fitness group that I ride with, what route do we take.  He happily replied back and I then mapped it out so I could visually see where we have been going.  I grew up not far from where they ride but never adventured out in this part of the county because there was no reason too.  There was nothing there for a long time.  I tried to figure out where we went and would get lost.  So this one is the route we have taken for the past two weekends.  Plus the website I use (www.runningmap.com) lets you see elevation.  I know it’s a running website but I like it and I know how to use it.  🙂  So last night while my boys were running around I mapped it out.


This one is an alternative way to finish which takes you down Marcie Camp and it has a few more hills.  But after looking at the elevation it’s no where near as bad as Stewart so I probably just need to do it one of these next times out.

I feel good this morning.  My back and legs are only a touch sore from my kettlebell workout which is great.  I need to decide if I am going to run tonight or not.  Also I made a new breakfast and I love it.  I found it on pinterest.  It’s Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats.  http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/meal-ideas/7-must-try-mason-jar-meals?page=4  Super easy to make and I love the taste.  I used my homemade strawberry jam, the jam gives it a little sweetness with out overpowering the entire jar.  I used vanilla almond milk instead of skim milk.  Even if you are not fond of oats, you need to try this because it in no way tastes like oatmeal.

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