I have a race this weekend!

Which means I get to tell you about it before and actually get to write a race report after I’m done.  I haven’t done that in a long time!!  Run the Reagan


It’s a race that is in my hometown and just down the street from my parents house.  There is a limited access highway call Ronald Reagan Parkway that was built when I was in high school.  A number of years ago they started a road race that has three distances – 5k, 10k and half marathon.  They shut down the entire highway and you get to actually run on the highway.

I’ve wanted to run this race but have never been able to fit into my schedule because of soccer duties or whatever.  So this year they moved it earlier in the year (by a month or so) and now I can do it!!  I’m going to run the 10k.  This will be only the 2nd official 10k race I have done.  I will have a bunch of friends from Snellville there so that will be fun.

Now the fun choice of what to wear.  LOL

I love my new white Columbia vest and the forecast has it colder at 38 degrees (as of today) which I know can change 20 times before the day.  So you know I will have on my Just Live tights, and I usually like to wear different ones and not repeat for race days.  I haven’t worn my new black and white ones yet.  I did wear my chevron in the Peachtree Classic 15k 2 years ago.  So we will see what I decide to wear.

If it stays cooler that will be more comfortable for running, just not too cold.  I’ve done the 25 degrees but feels like 15 degrees and that was pretty miserable.


We might have looked like we were robbing a bank instead of running a road race.  It was that cold.  BRRRRRRRRR!

So say a prayer to the weather gods that it stays in the upper 30’s to low 40’s.  I would be ok with that and no rain.


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