Consistency with Strength Training

You hear all the time about get your strength training in and don’t miss a session.  But with trying to fit in swimming, biking and running in an already busy schedule it’s hard to also squeeze in strength training.  It’s easy to let it slide and not hit your workouts like you should.

So over 2 weeks ago I got back in the pool and had a pretty good workout.

I headed to the pool with no expectations and just wanted to see what I could do.  I was pleased that I did 1500 yds and felt good.

So over the next 2 weeks, I missed my swim workouts because of the chaos of my house.  Having painters and new counter tops put in, I’ve been trapped in my house and not able to leave.

But I did manage to fit in consistent strength training workouts.  It’s about the only thing that I could do on a regular basis.  So I finally am free from my house chaos and confinement.  I made it back to the pool today.  Not only did I feel stronger and better than last time, I was faster and swam 500 yds longer than I did the time before.

So your lesson for the week, don’t miss your strength training workouts.  They help you be stronger, faster and overall better in your other workouts.  Get it done!!

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