Updates on Whole 30 and weight loss

So a week has passed and you may ask, “How am I doing now?”

I am still loosing weight.  I’m down a total of 5.6 lbs from January 1st and I’m still loosing inches.  I did a weight and measurement update for Precision Nutrition (it’s a program I’ve been doing for 6+ months now with my friend Jessica) and found I have lost 2 more inches.  I went ahead and snapped some pictures while I was at it.  Total lost since January 5.6 lbs and 6 inches.

Here are my progress shots from January 1 to today.  6 inches total and 5.6 lbs.

But if you go back to June when I started PN, I’m down 15.5 inches.  I’m now at a lowest weight in a long while because of stress and letting food choices sneak in that I didn’t need.

I see nice changes especially in my mid section.  🙂

So how has my food been and what have I added back?  So first I had a protein shake with my favorite protein powder.  The first day I had it, I ended up with a bad headache that evening.  I didn’t know if it was connected to the shake, so I had a second one the next day and felt crappy, had another headache and decided that this was all connected.  So unfortunately I can’t have that protein powder anymore. I may play with a couple new ones.  I do struggle with getting enough protein from my food alone and I enjoy having it in my coffee to give me a boost in the morning.

So after those could days, I went back to eating strictly Whole 30 and felt better.  Eating normal items for breakfast like the granola, fruit and almond butter, or eggs with sweet potatoes and spinach.  I even made a big batch of egg roll in a bowl so I have lunch options.

Last night I made chili, with all Whole 30 compliant items except I added beans.  I feel fine today, not that I need to have beans everyday because they can rob nutrients from your body as they travel through your digestive system, but at least I know that I can eat them without any ill effects.  I will continue adding in a few more food items and see how I do.

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