Whole 30 Results

My before pictures on Day 1.


I did it, completed an entire round of Whole 30 from January 2 till January 31st.  Was it absolutely perfect, NO, do I care, nope.  I needed certain modifications the first week and then I did the best I could.  You can’t live in a bubble and you are going to eat out.  I only did a few times and made the best choice available to me.

If you follow me on Instagram and my personal Facebook page you would have seen all the food I was eating.  Lots of good food, expanded my recipes and cut out all sugars.  I did keep caffeine in the form of coffee.  My second child is the reason that I drink coffee every day and I’m not about to give up that.  It’s what keeps me acting like an adult.

Here are my after pictures.

So what is the verdict?  I’ve had several people ask me.

I did not loose a lot of weight but I did loose.  Lost 3 lbs and 3 inches plus 1% bodyfat.  As of today, I’ve lost another lb and another inch.  Now 4 lbs lost and 4 inches gone.  What else? My acid reflux and any  stomach upset dramatically better.  I know I already have trouble with some dairy and wheat.  I suspect that there are a few other things that I will need to avoid.  I am going to slowly add back a handful of foods and see how I do.  I also saw a dramatic difference in my PMS symptoms.  If you want more details than that, then send me a message.  I did not see the tiger blood phase with high energy levels.  I saw a subtle change in my energy but nothing dramatic.  I am also sleeping better.

I believe that I didn’t see huge changes because this is not that different from how I normally eat.  Yes you take out dairy, grains and beans, but I usually cook on a regular basis with whole foods and do lots of fruits and veggies.  What this did do is make me quit using some processed foods like shakes and bars when I am not really needing them.  I would grab them for a snack instead of pre or post workout.


I see small changes in my mid section, hips and a friend said my butt looks smaller and tighter.  I will take that.  LOL

So what are my plans?  To add a food back like oats, cheese, protein powder etc. one at a time and have a couple days in between back on Whole 30.  I will see how my body reacts.  So here is day 3 after completing the program and what have I added?  My Quest protein powder.  I made a shake the last two days. Well the verdict is that I can’t eat it.  I feel like crap and I have a headache.  It’s either the additives, milk or who knows.  That’s what I want this to tell me, if there are other foods like wheat that I do not need to eat because it’s not worth the consequences.

So is this program worth it?  Yes, it can get you to cut the dependence on sugar and processed foods.  It can teach you to use food as fuel so that you do not eat because of emotions and it can help you heal from foods that are hurting you.  Now since you are a clean slate, you can determine these foods by smartly reintroducing them back in to your diet.  It can be hard to stay this strict forever, so I do not think it’s attainable 100% all the time.  I do want to use the information to cut out foods that hurt me and to eat the best I can.




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