Tomorrow is day 30

Tomorrow is the last day of my Whole 30 journey.


This hasn’t been crazy hard, sometimes it was just difficult with planning, cooking and my family’s schedule.

It’s been a good journey, broadened my food choices and forced me to not depend on some of the food crutches that I have used maybe more than I need too.

On Wednesday, I will take measurements, weight myself and take pictures.  I don’t think I have a dramatic change but I have made good changes no matter what.

I will keep most of the recipes I have found and continue to find new ones.  Less processed foods is always a good idea.  I will slowly introduce a handful of foods and see how I do.  I’m noticed some changes that surprised me about my hormones, how I feel with different foods and such.  If you are interested in some of these more private things, then send me a message.


Stay tuned for more info and data!!

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