Whole 30 Before & During Pictures


I decided that in addition to weight, measurements, that I would want pictures.  It was a super bright day so I do apologize for the haziness of the pictures.  🙂  It also gave me a good excuse to play with my new tripod and remote I got for my phone.  I can stand it up or hook it around things to get the perfect pictures without using mirrors.  I know, I finally caught up with the latest devices.

I am taking pictures as I go through the 30 days.  I will try to wear the same clothes or very similar.  I know that it’s easier to see the changes that way.

So how am I after 10+ days?  Here are my pictures.  Yes I’m a goof, you all probably already know that.  I see small improvements around my waist and hips.  I’m curious to see how the next 10 days go.

So there you have it!  Going to do my best to follow Whole 30 rules of no checking of my weight or measurements during January, so I will continue to take and compare pictures as I go through this process.


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