Writing out Training Plans can be scary!

I’ve got some races scheduled for this spring.  Winging it doesn’t work very well for half marathons and triathlons at least for many anyway.  I want to be stronger, leaner, and successful at my races and not just survive.

I’ve got two races this spring so I found a training plan on Tri Radar that I liked.  Then I added in my mileage for the Tear Drop Half marathon.  Once I got it all into Training Peaks, it can be overwhelming and scary.  So you just have to breathe and take it one workout and one day at a time.

So there are several weeks until I need to start my plan, until then I’m trying to hit all the sports so I’m not starting from zero.  I have some base but don’t want to shock my system and get hurt. I’m also keeping my strength training as long as I am able so that I build stronger muscles.

Last night I needed to spin on my bike and for whatever reason I was putting it off.  I didn’t get it done at 3 pm when I had more time and energy.  Instead I put it off until night time and found myself at 8 pm standing here looking at my bike.  I sucked it up and got on.


Well just a quick 30 mins later, I surprised myself and found I’m stronger than I think.  I kept a good speed, faster than I thought I could go.  So put your big girl panties on and get it done. You may surprise yourself.

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