Do Epic things!! Do stuff that scares you!!

Massive apology for completely disappearing.   Changed jobs almost 2 years ago, more soccer mom duties, even busier training schedule.  I have been posting some picture updates on my facebook page so i know I haven’t completely abandoned my blog.

The past 2 years I have done some pretty epic things for me.  I’m going to try and step through chronologically but if I wander, sorry.  Just trying to get all the things that are in my head out and on paper so to speak.

I did my absolute favorite job – marathon support for my friends at the Donna.  Rain, thunderstorms, course closures, yet I was still there and loved every minute of it.

1173760_10152018252053587_1064879880_n 1901133_10202782572992676_1382075882_n


So what do I do next – I run for 2 days straight in the Ragnar Relay.  3 loops – 4 miles, 5 miles and 6 miles (that were really more like 5 miles, 6 miles and 7 miles).  Hard to run multiple times a day, hard to do this at night when it’s pitch black and only a head lamp to see.  My last loop was the longest.  I tripped and fell on my knees after about 1.5 miles.  But I just kept going.  The last 2 miles hurt, everything hurt but I kept going.

10155218_805481118146_21887760_n 485547_10203042850579453_2853910692517514489_n 1558427_10203040509160919_2319941455128811654_n 1239696_10203042850339447_3278355607559276508_n

I finally decided that I wanted to run a half marathon.  So with at least 100 of my friends we all ran the Diva Half Marathon.  Crazy weekend, hot temperatures, super high humidity, but I got to run with two of my besties, they were my course angels.  Did the race go how I wanted it to?  No, not at all, because of the humidity and temps, even I was miserable.  This is with training on the course.  It was just bad.  I fell apart at mile 7 but put myself back together with the help of my friends.  I got it done!!!

10426201_10204109330080774_1877837953560092153_n 10659370_10152440380963163_9186491823269742676_n 10421976_10152546078573394_2473372412674246232_n 10540846_10152336267003587_7776683828482173062_n 10502524_10152335201158587_8097408315298864900_n

Do you know what one of the main things I credit my continued success, is my friends.  Surround yourself with people that are positive, lift you up and cheer you along.

1476186_10105706117097443_3671718426945953578_n 1385089_10201755414234349_2099043593_n 10614274_10152744272260743_7582822106941248579_n

So my circle of friends is getting bigger.  The more triathlons that I have completed, the more amazing people that I find and love having in my life.

Last year I did the Chattahoochee Challenge Sprint Tri with a big group from my PTC Triathlon Club.

10492555_10204335297923744_2224397231677354295_n 10407874_10203735595297638_6374734778657757459_n 10437426_10204335299363780_3177169088346075420_n

I really enjoyed having such a great group to race with.  Makes the race fun, when you find them along the course and hear the screams of your friends as you approach the finish line.

So after all that, what kinds of things did I decide to do next?  I thought it was a great idea to run a half marathon down a mountain.

IMG_5565 18615_10205968217151789_6271686843970058689_n 11164648_10207032623319936_2503612684048020188_o

I might have walked funny for an entire week, but it didn’t matter.  I did something wonderful – I ran down a mountain, I cut off 45 massive minutes off my half marathon time, I did it almost entirely by myself and I had these wonderful friends at the finish line cheering me in.  They were as excited about my PR and I was about their age group awards.

I then joined up with this group, we did a 12 week triathlon training program.  All local ladies that are all so supportive of each other.  We helped each other do epic things.  Do you want to know what this program did for me? in 12 short weeks: I lost 6 inches mostly from my legs, increased my biking speed from an average of 13mph to 16.9 in my triathlon yesterday, decreased my running pace from high 12’s to consistently running 11’s and I’ve seen some 10’s, I’ve learned that training by heart rate is good for me because I ran a 10k (the loop in PTC) without stopping and set a new PR for a 10k. Do you know what the best thing is? I gained new friends and learned to trust what my body can do. that gives you confidence in your every day life.

IMG_5566 11329767_10153405317854529_3504803131259109308_n 10400000_10206293311438943_1098025608305398182_n 11825765_10206625231136728_2296454093451170571_n 11831666_10206625473302782_5923519009704091111_n 11800284_10206625235296832_2162715299347194189_n (1)

I also got 3rd place in the Athena class.  I have never won an award at a triathlon.  Best day ever!!

11013100_10206584910128728_5500913507843167084_n 11220064_10206584909888722_6121305379449410974_n

For a piece of inspiration, I put together a picture of me at my first triathlon to my most recent.  The changes are just amazing.


On the right is me after my first sprint triathlon in ptc, I finished that race in 1:54. I completed the Acworth women’s tri and I believe the run course is harder than the PTC race in 1:37. So set goals, surround yourself with people that will support you and lift you up and you will do great things. I’m shocked at the difference!

So you see the theme – do epic things, do things that scare you, surround yourself with people that are positive, good for you and encouraging.  You will be surprised and what that alone will do for you.

For the third year in a row, I rode at the Bike MS Atlanta.  This year I trained like I have never done before, got in multiple long rides to be ready.


I spent two Saturdays on my bike for 3.5 hour and 4 hour rides.  The 4 hour ride, I got in 65 miles all while watching movies and riding in my living room.  Took about 6 hours total with breaks.  But I did it and felt ready for my 2 day bike weekend.

11216705_10206925491643053_3204046680153633129_n 12020019_10207683778836755_3371169805711600578_n 12036636_10206930268762478_4064464944982893009_n

I pedaled my heart out, I felt much more prepared than I ever have.  This course is very hilly, they did not beat me.  I attached each one and made it up each and every one.  I also got to add more people to my ever growing circle of friends.  11222527_10206432278433031_6608524548709025351_n 11390283_10206160109708983_3422599770576697007_n 10256245_10152419731912145_1226166244459883141_n 12118687_10207054659352165_4795309843124798854_n 12140831_10206995863122296_3677648752090565655_n 12107952_10207067941644214_6859996738795788266_n 10362654_10203018593658743_1948691604_n11953266_10206832995450706_1596159160656133875_n11960263_10206830825556460_8100230378769843771_n10646668_10206830826916494_2966329294716819267_n

This fall I started half marathon training for Soldier’s half in Columbus.  I decided to attack training differently.  Over the summer I did all my running and biking based on heart rate.  My body apparently does really well.  I rapidly increased endurance, speed and I am starting to see this “groove” that other running friends talk about.  They say they just went out for a run and felt so good, got in a groove and just kept going.  I wont’ say that I have done that, but I am seeing times when it clicks.

So I’m in the last few weeks of training for Soldier’s.  Last week was a train wreck, mommy duties had me missing workouts but I got my long run in on Saturday.  This week has gone downhill with me being sick.  But as several of my running friends have said.  The hay is already in the barn, my training in essence is done and I know i can do the distance.  So I focus on getting better and take advantage that I can write this really long and picture overload blog post.  🙂


My half marathon PR is 2:48 from the Tear Drop.  My big scary goal is 2:30.  I will be thrilled with anything under 2:48.  I am not the fastest out there, nor the slowest.  What I am trying to do is be better than I was yesterday.  That’s all the matters.  I know that I am faster, stronger, leaner and just overall better than i was back in the spring.  This race will be fun because I will have friends running the half and full and I know that my body can do this.  I’m ready!  just maybe not today.  I’m going to go take a nap.

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