Two exciting things!!!!!

First – my second half marathon is coming up on Sunday. I’ve tried to run another half since earlier this year. The first one I wanted to do I had to skip because of a knee issue (it’s all better now) and the second one was cancelled. So I think this is finally happening. Not only is it finally here it’s also a downhill race. I run down a mountain. There is 5 of us going and it will be a blast.


Second, I have signed up with a local coaching group for a 12 week program for women. We will celebrate with us completing the Acworth Women’s sprint triathlon in early August. I already have workouts listed in training peaks. I’m a little excited and scared. Excited to see what I am capable of when I have the resources behind me and with me.


So I promise to post pics and at least a short race report after this weekend.

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