Major Blog Overhaul and Update

I’ve made some changes in my life and now have more time to do some of the things that I love. This includes getting back to blogging.  I have updated my progress pictures and a few other ones so that they are all are newer.  Please click around at the new links and look for lots more to come.

I have hit the end of the year and accomplished a bunch of things.  This includes a new PR on my half marathon time while running the Teardrop Half Marathon this past April. This was the 2nd year I have run this event.  It’s a beautiful course where you run down a mountain.  Yes I said that right!!  I am even signed up to do it again in 2017.


I spend two days in October riding from Newnan to Lagrange as a part of a large cycling team for Bike MS Atlanta.  It’s an amazing event to help raise money to fight MS.  I raised over $600 and rode my heart out.


I’ve also ran 2 other half marathons, Hotlanta Half which lived up to it’s name.  It was in June in Atlanta and it was very hot and very hilly.  I had a great time even with the tough course.  Back in February I ran the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half with a goal to have a finish time of 2:30.  It didn’t happen but I pushed myself and was on my goal pace through the 10k mark.  I’m slowly learning what my body can do and how hard I can push it.

I’ve also found several new things that I am pretty much obsessed with.  The first one is my leggings.  I am 100% addicted too, obsessed with and just about wear them all the time if I can get away with it – Just Live Brand capris and leggings.  In just over a year I have massed a little collection.


I have decided that life is too short to wear boring pants.  

Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with running water bottles.  They hurt my hand, leak, don’t stay put (on my hips) or whatever.  Well I have found a style that I love and use for just about every run now.  It’s by Orange Mud and it’s the Hydroquiver.


This fits on my back, in between my shoulder blades.  You can see the straps in my half marathon pictures above.  I just reach over my shoulder and grab the top of the water bottle.  It doesn’t move, shift, rub or anything.  I have small pockets on the tops of my shoulders for gels or other stuff and there is a big pocket in the back that my phone, keys or extra gels fit easily.  If you want to purchase one you can get it here at Amazon

So what should you look out for?  I plan on posting recipes, meal prep ideas, my fitness tips and of course what I am doing.  Look for new and exciting things to come also.


I have really missed blogging and I am so happy that I am back.

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