It’s Triathlon time again!!!

Tomorrow is my first triathlon for the season.  I’m doing the Peachtree International and Super Sprint.  I’m doing the Super Spring distance.  This was my first tri last year that the swim got cancelled because of thunderstorms.



I’m excited (no really) but I’m sure nerves will kick in tomorrow morning.  I have a friend that is racing with me and it’s her first tri!!!  I’m super excited for her.  So I got a few new things.  First I just needed a new helmet so I got this one from Specialized.


Second, the race venue for this weekend had to be moved.  Lake Peachtree is currently drained to fix major issues with the spillway.  So you can’t swim there.  Instead we are going to be at the new Lake McIntosh that is bigger, deeper and colder!!!


I went to All 3 Sports to rent a wetsuit but they were all out in my size.  BUT!!!  they found this beauty – it’s a former rental that they were selling.  I got a steal on it.  If you ever need tri stuff check them out.  Also got tri slide and Nuun tablets in watermelon.  My second favorite flavor.

Finally, I got me a new bag and cycling gloves for Mother’s day.


I’m going to have fun packing it tonight for tomorrows race.  🙂

So I’m excited about tomorrow and hope that i will have as big a smile as I did at Callaway sprint tri last year.


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