Yeah, I fell off the face of the earth



As a blogger,  I did the thing I swore I would never do!!!  Stop posting!

My days are filled slap full with work, soccer mom duties, packing lunches and backpacks, and then getting my boys to bed.  By the time I finish up all that, I’m exhausted and ready for bed myself.  So here is my big ole apology for disappearing completely for the past several months.

To make it up to you all, here are pictures from my adventures this spring/summer.


So what did I do???  I was the course angel at the Donna again and had to ride through thunder, lightening, and course closures; Ragnar trail relay where I ran 16 miles in one weekend; May Tri in Peachtree City and I got to meet up with new cyber friends; July Tri in Columbus with my tri club; 50 mile muddy ride with friends; my first official 10k race is in 2 days and I’m 1 WEEK AWAY FROM MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!!!! 485547_10203042850579453_2853910692517514489_n

1794823_10203042848299396_5791421236381234193_n 1239696_10203042850339447_3278355607559276508_n 1558427_10203040509160919_2319941455128811654_n 1173760_10152018252053587_1064879880_n

10259876_474099926049742_7703826443219159142_n IMG_1752 10362654_10203018593658743_1948691604_n 10358090_10203018598738870_395368153_n 10379226_10203018590938675_1225626642_n10308569_10203320387677707_1256867683922004638_n 10356230_10203320389077742_4574864118161416492_n

10356226_10201800625089912_8517345353352611841_n 10437426_10204335299363780_3177169088346075420_n 10492555_10204335297923744_2224397231677354295_n 10565110_10203318029964359_8404146272533848729_n 10356226_10201800625089912_8517345353352611841_n 10407874_10203735595297638_6374734778657757459_n 10550988_10203930431848430_8094193033494787265_n 16300_406864839470435_5812762790434961140_n 1976883_10203782776557140_1722926479913660509_n

10653815_10152683044001151_1155303706303956405_nSo yes I really want to do my race recaps of what I’e done and still hope to do that.  Until then, at least you are caught up on my crazy adventures.  Promise to come post pictures from the 10k and my half so don’t worry.  I will at least pop in here every week with what is new and post pictures.  Then maybe I can get back to writing more.

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