Yeah that balance thing still has happened

I went ahead and posted Part 1 of the Donna and I will have to get to writing the rest.  I figured that I needed to just post my race recaps in parts because I’m not ever going to have the time to write it all up in one post with my level of crazy  going on right now.   Nevermind that I need to write up Ragnar.



Work is just going to get busier but we will see what happens this spring/summer with my race schedule and my boys summer camps.  I need to get on my bike (that has been neglected more than it needs too).  I have my super sprint tri in 2 weeks.  I haven’t the work outs like I did last year before the race, but I know i’m stronger than I was last year too.  Planning on getting out for a ride this weekend if the weather cooperates.

10154450_10203018231083981_6281584711589291530_nSo until next time (that I promise that it won’t be a month later). Here is one of my favorite shots from Ragnar with my teammate and friend.

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