Ragnar is in 3 days!!!




Let the craziness begin!!  I’ve really started packing.  Last week a friend that is also running, couldn’t believe I hadn’t started packing yet.  So I came home from soccer practice and did this –


I found my packing list, camping lantern, ziploc bags and my tub I’m putting my stuff in.  So I tagged her and said “look I started packing!”  She thought that was pretty funny.  So last night I really started getting my stuff together.  So what do you need for a 2 day trail relay???  just about everything!!  lol


Here is a breakdown right now of what I have.  I will probably lay everything out tonight and get better pictures but here you go.


My wonderful team captain sent us an excel spreadsheet with a packing list.  You all know I love lists!!!  So I have 3 separate running outfits in ziploc bags – 1) to keep them organized and 2) gives me a place to put them after I wear them.  Since we are running at all times in the 48 hours of the race, you have to be prepared for the weather.  So I have 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of running tights.  These can also keep me warm while hanging around the camp.  I have 2 extra short sleeve shirts and will bring comfy pants to wear around the camp.  I’m bringing 3 pairs of running shoes.  Forecast is for rain at some point on Friday so I need to have dry shoes for each leg if it is raining or the trails get muddy.  I’ve got a fleece pullover, raincoat and vest to keep me warm and dry.  Headlamps & reflective vest for night running.  Bag of lotions, aquaphor, glide, sunscreen, bug spray and first aid kit.  You can’t see the camping lantern, running water bottle, my water bottle for drinking (it’s a cup-less race so you bring you own), and baby wipes for “showers”.  Still have to get my bathroom/personal stuff together, wash a few things and get me gluten free bagels, peanut M&M’s, charge devices, and so on.  I have a new list of stuff to do before Friday.

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