New Adventure is coming in a couple weeks


Yes I have signed up for a team for the Ragnar Trail Relay race in Atlanta.  It’s in a couple weeks (first of April) at the Conyers Horse Park.  So here is how it works!!!

how-it-works-largeWe have 8 people on our team and we are assigned a number.  I am number 2.  Runner number 1 sets out and runs their loop (green) then it’s my turn to run my loop (yellow) and so on.  Once we go through all 8 runners, we repeat 2 more times until all 8 have run 3 different loops.  Loop 1 (green) is 3.8 miles and the easiest.  Loop 2 (yellow)  is 4.6 miles and intermediate and Loop 3 (red)  is 6.7 miles and the hardest.  We have 2 days to get this done.  We come back after our loops and stay in our camp in the village.  Yes it’s over night, yes we will be running in the dark with very little sleep and we will have a blast.  I have friends that are also running this and we have a plan to put our camps next to each other.



yes I have a spreadsheet (from our team leader) and my own list of stuff to pack.  Look for a nice race recap once we finish!!  It’s scary and fun all in the same breathe.


In other news, I went for a run last night and it was a good one!!  3 good miles, no stopping and I had good company.  Now I’m not knocking walking during my runs, since I do it every time I go out but I have something good.  I have a normal route in a neighborhood that I run with my running group on a semi regular basis.  It’s been a long while since I ran the entire route without stopping.  So it’s an indication that all the yoga, core work and such that I am doing is helping me be stronger than I have been in a while.  So that’s why running 3 miles without stopping is a WIN today!!!  Ok, back to work 🙂


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