I get to do something this weekend I haven’t done in a long while . . .



imagesGA is having a sales tax free weekend on school supplies, electronics, and clothes.  My hubby asked if the boys needed anything and i quickly answered, NO BUT I DO!!!  I haven’t been clothes shopping in forever.  Now i will pick up a shirt or two, workout clothes or small things like that but not anything more than that.  Got a plan to hit one store today (with my additional 30% off coupon) and another tomorrow evening.

My big boy has a soccer tournament this weekend so I will be reading, knitting and trying not to get a sunburn or eaten by bugs.

Here is what I’m taking with me.

null_zps5137baa5 image_medium2Two books to read and my shawl I’m knitting on.  I’m farther along but this was a good pic that I already had.  I’ve made it more than 1/2 way on this part of the pattern.   Here is what it will look like.  you make the border first and then add on the upper part.

t355_ead93e54b3ed18fb3055325b4944b635_mediumSo my current Marilyn Monroe journal is about to fall apart.  It’s so full and i’m almost out of pages.  I found this one the other day.  I’ve been looking and nothing was speaking to me, this one just about jumped into my hands.

null_zps3b662bd3 null_zps76aa613fFeel like it’s my bad a$$ year or something like that.  Looking forward to see what I do in the future!!!


I’m still in the middle of my Trim Healthy Mama book but I have a better idea of what I’m suppose to do.  Plan is to actually jump in and try to make all my meals fit the plan next week.  This past week I have been getting some of my meals on plan.  Also a coworker (who showed me THM) has a friend that is doing a class on THM next week.  I’m excited b/c it should help clear up the information overload i have and tell me what i’m suppose to be doing.  I also have been downloading, printing and organizing additional information.  I found a good food list but didn’t like how it was formatted.  So geeky me made new charts with pretty colors.  Then I realized it would fit (if I shrank it) in the front cover and front page of my THM book.  Now I have a super easy quick reference of foods for the different parts of the plan right at my fingertips.

null_zpsc05da809Yes I know I’m a geek, nerd, or whatever you want to call me!!!  🙂

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