5 days . . . until my next tri

I feel like this one sneaked up on me.  I have had it on my calender for months, I just guess that I figured August would never get here.

I feel pretty relaxed and calm about this (surprisingly) so that’s good.  I had a great lake swim on Sunday.  Did this little section again, to the boat house and back.  There was 3 of us total and our own personal kayak-er.

21445_10201876033484336_225140824_nLooked just like it did the weekend before.  The first trip out (we did 2) I set out just trying to go slow and steady.  Before long I realized I was over half way to the boathouse and I hadn’t stopped or switched to breast stroke.  I just kept swimming.  3/4 of the way I decided that I needed to swim all the way without stopping.  Mostly for my mental strength because i know I can swim farther than that and I do on a regular basis.  So I did!!!  We rested for a bit and then headed back.  Again I was able to swim the entire length without stopping.  After resting, decided we better go now before we change our minds.  So back we went.  I hoped to try and swim the entire length again but did stop once to check on our other swimmer who at first said she would swim 1/2 way and then turn around.  She changed her mind and kept going with the rest of us.  So only one quick stop and we made it over there.  On the final leg, i didn’t know how I would do but just took it easy.  Well I did it again, so 3 our of the 4 lengths I swam without stopping.  That seriously helps your confidence when you have a triathlon coming up.  WOOHOO!!!!


I have a ton to do at home today so it’s a toss up if I will get a 3 mile run in.  We shall see!!!  I need to clean my bike (again) before the race so that I am ready.  Say a little prayer that the rain holds off during the race.



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