uggg my runs this week have been nonexistant

My big boy has soccer camp.  It was suppose to be local, which meant I could run errands, go for a run or whatever else i needed to while he was practicing.  Well the field gods decided not to open the soccer fields in my area this week so now camp is scheduled for my area next week.  The boy is out of town next week as its the last week before school starts.  So as I am trying to be the good parent here, I’m driving him all over to get some soccer practice in with his team.  They have camp at the other two locations this week.  I intended to run during soccer on Tuesday but was really happy with my options on where I could go and then it started raining.  No thunder or lightening so I spent the 2 hours huddled under an umbrella trying to stay warm and dry.


So Wednesday, I changed clothes at work so that I have less of an excuse to run.  Can you tell my boy is worn out from summer camp and soccer practice?????


We had trouble finding the place but did get there (a little late) and I was pleasantly surprised.   Found a nice paved path that I could run on.  It wasn’t a full loop but I did different parts to get my workout in.

null_zpsb76b1b65 null_zpsd8413ca5 null_zps0d5f375f null_zps1955f678I just had to dodge goose poop on part of it.  It was HAB!!!! the humidity was horrible which is the haze you see.  Couldn’t keep condensation off my phone.  The first mile was good time wise but never got in a groove.  Did it in 11 min.  I walked back to the car (.15 mile) got water and then set off again.  Made it .6 miles before I was sucking wind.  Walked a little and tried to run back to the car and half way there just decided i was done.  I walked to my car, got my water and then walked for another 1/2 mile to cool down.  I was done, stick a fork in me.


It sucked, but I did get out and move.  I am thinking about trying heart rate training so if any of you have info to share that would be great.

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