Hot Biscuit 5k race recap & Trim Healthy Mama update


Earlier last week I met up with running friends to help them make skirts, iron on logos and such.  Here is my skirt that I made for me and the skirt I helped teach Darbi how to make.

1013193_10151609972261319_543649003_n 988634_10201204203494425_1137803967_n 998703_10201204203134416_92130970_n

Now I’m all set with a new skirt and a OMG bright orange shirt for the race.


Got up at 4:45 am to get ready.  I was about to slip out the door to load up with one of the ladies going (she parked at my house) when my little man decided to wake up at 5:20 am.  Got him in bed with Daddy but then I had to take the dog out.  Seriously???  We set off to pick up another friend and then go meet the rest of the crew.  So a few minutes late we left the parking lot and headed to Jasper.

We pulled up 15 min before race time and that stressed out a few of us (me included) but we did have to make two quick stops for coffee and potty.

Not only did I recruit 6 other MRTT ladies from our chapter, we got one of their mom’s to come and she brought friends.  We had a great size group at this tiny local race.

969926_10201220470581092_452889029_n 1006293_10201220469741071_1244285982_n 1017696_10201220464020928_1580272648_n

Mother & Daughter


Race was delayed 5 min or so, that gave us time to make one more potty break and warm up before the race.

And we were off!!!

1013550_10151598638233432_131171885_nWe all took off at our own pace.  I stayed with one friend who said she needed me to help slow her down to pace herself.  This is a hilly course.   I didn’t have a garmin last year when I ran it but gave them this idea.  I ran the first mile in 10 something and it was almost all downhill, 2nd mile I don’t remember anything remarkable and I ran it in 12 min or so.  The 3rd mile you have to climb up what you ran down in the 1st mile and it took me 15 min.  Take what you will from that.  So here is the elevation.  My watch upload messed up and I need to try and re upload it to see if that will fix it.

Fullscreen capture 7232013 85503 AM.bmpWe set out and from the beginning my hamstring was being a pain.  Not a horrible, terrible, I can’t run pain but it was still there.  We did the first mile cautiously at 11:14 so not too shabby.  took a quick walk up a short hill and then we carried on.  walked on a steep incline to the turnaround and that’s pretty much when my consistent running fell apart.

Fullscreen capture 7242013 10906 PMAfter that, I would run a little/walk a little.  I did keep going when my friend needed to walk in my attempt to beat my time from last year.  But I saw pretty close to the finish that a new PR for this race was not happening with my leg being this way.  It was what it was and I ran it smart to not hurt myself more.  I am a little disappointed that I was slower than last year but until I get my leg to completely heal and/or make myself stronger in my core and hip area I will have to deal with it.  So I’m working on that.

Well as each of us finished, they turned back and walked the course until you found the next person from our group.  It makes you feel great when your friends come find you and run the rest of the route with you.

968808_10201302986352908_1450721861_n 998695_10201302993793094_1191122308_n 970811_10201220458100780_648918287_n 972046_10201220459020803_981978412_n 996536_10201326355497122_717588363_n 1001025_10201303109715992_1532170010_n 270621_10201303023353833_2046642442_n

So we all got done and headed inside to get Biscuits!!!! I am gluten intolerant (i.e. it gives me a bad stomach ache and other things) but these were so worth it.  🙂

992830_10201220457020753_1605492510_n 22011_10201220456140731_1323360752_n 992828_10201220455580717_582745930_n 1075841_10201326355017110_702637543_nYes my friend got photo bombed by her mom!!!  Loved it!!

Awards!!!  oh boy did we rack up!!

1045041_10201220454620693_1970712939_n 73339_10201721417583078_927241027_n 946609_10201220452740646_1942986360_n 999343_10201220452100630_347724296_n 1004487_10201220453580667_68708622_n 30977_10201303300240755_366132976_n 1009782_10201220451340611_1284173089_n 971340_10201220451780622_704222045_n 1069277_736412646916_683925448_n 559140_10201303336881671_309030424_n 546836_10201221557248258_165046793_n4 – 1st place AG awards, 2- 2nd place AG awards and 1 – 3rd place (me) plus Ms. Lindsey (3rd from the right) was the 3rd overall female to cross the finish line!!!  Go Girl!!!  Also we had two ladies (one picture up from the overall shot) who had never won an age group award until this race!!!

We loaded up and may Lindsey smuggled some extra apples just because she could

1069340_10201220450340586_1398199914_nok back in the truck, everyone jumped on their phones.  It was so funny that we had multiple attempts at taking pictures of it.  Here is what I got (which were the best).

1002988_10201220475341211_1029531923_n 1069290_10201220475901225_1765219256_nWe finally decided it was time to go, but we did make a pit stop at a local flee market/farmers market.  Not a whole lot going on but several of us had the best sherbert!!!  sorry no pictures, Lindsey forbade us from fb from the market and then we ate the sorbet.


We had lots of fun and now want to find more small races to go do!!!



Ok, Trim Healthy Mama!!!


I got my book a week ago.  Still trying to figure out what all I’m suppose to do. This plan has a little bit of a learning curve but I did do a great thing to my book.  I cut it apart.  Seriously!!!  I took it to Office Depot and had them cut the binding off so I could take the recipe section out.  Then had her spiral bound it back together.  Then I put the recipe section in plastic page protectors and put it in a 3 ring binder.  I can now add more stuff to the recipes as I find them.

935866_10201232014109673_585382617_n 1005658_10201232012469632_1306069984_nNow it doesn’t seem so huge and overwhelming.  I can carry the smaller book and read the plan and addition info much easier.  plus it’s easier to read one handed or lay open to look at something or reference in the recipes!!!  I love that!!  Hopefully I’m through enough of it that I can start trying to plan my meals following the plan on Monday.

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