New Book, New Plan and hopefully a solution

I’ve been stuck weight loss wise for over a year.  I just yo-yo back and forth and gain no positive ground.  I have slowed way down in loosing inches.  So that means there has to be something preventing me from loosing weight and/or I need a new plan.  Well I’m doing both.

If you are a guy and don’t want to hear this, plug your ears and hummmmmmmm……….

Enter TMI world.  I have a Mirena IUD which I have loved for the last 4 years since little man was born.  Haven’t had a period and I love that. Mine are terrible.  Well after discussions with my doctor’s office, I am having it taken out at my physical in two weeks to see if this is a contributing factor to my inability to loose anymore weight.


Ok, back to the rest of the story . . . Enter the new plan.  I was very much inspired by a coworker that is getting herself healthy after having her son.  I’ve seen her struggle like I have.  Well she raves about Trim Healthy Mama

Fullscreen capture 7152013 32544 PM.bmp


After doing research it sounds like exactly what I need.  My book is at my house right now and I can’t wait to dive into it and be completely overwhelmed.  haha!!!  It’s not your typical diet and its about proper food combinations, healthy fats, healthy carbs, protein and such.  It’s a big book and I will post a picture of it compared to something else.  I’m excited to see how the month of August will be different from most of 2013 where I’m only down a couple inches.

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