5 days . . . until my triathlon

and guess who has a sinus infection!!!!


But I got me some drugs and hopefully will be back to normal in a couple days.  good thing the race isn’t until Sunday.


I did get a good bike ride in on Sunday evening before the rain started again.

null_zps6a5ec707Here I am all hot and sweaty after 16 miles on my bike and a crappy 2 mile run.  My hip was tight (which is my own fault) and it didn’t help that I had to pee.  I ran/walk the second half (after I took a bathroom break) and felt ok.  I stretched well the beginning of the week and slacked off the 2nd half.  So it’s my fault my hip was tight.  Thankfully it was only one spot that was bothering me and my hamstring and hip flexor felt fine.  Been doing my stretches twice a day and feel fine so I should be good for the race as long as I get my sinus infection cleared up.  Fun times!!!

And for a dose of inspiration that is right up my alley:

I feel decently calm about the race on Sunday.  I think part of that is because I have done one and the worst did happen (horrible weather) so I feel like I can handle whatever is thrown at me.  I’m glad I am calmer (nerves at least) this time around.  So please say a prayer, keep the rain away dance or whatever so that we can get this race in.  I need this!!!

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