My big boy finished his first triathlon this weekend!!

And this mama is super proud!

944259_10200955493996843_1851913381_nFriday night we got all his gear together (which is a lot less than me 🙂 )


Even did transition practice in the kitchen.  Ran through the order of everything 3 times before I packed it all up.  Daddy checked his bike, raised the seat a little and pumped up his tires that next morning.  All 4 of us headed out at 7 am over to the race site.

984097_10200954484651610_113186913_nWe got him all set, body marked, number on his race belt, and his transition area set up.  Then I walked him through the sequence and where he needed to go.  I was seriously impressed with the volunteers,  they were everywhere making sure that the kids were where they were suppose to be, cheering them on and making sure they were safe.  They put his heat number on his hand which was also the number rack where his bike was too.  Very smart so then the kids don’t have to remember this only match the numbers.

He headed over to the pool and we stood behind the fence close to him so we could watch.

943580_10200955477396428_1176438541_n 944559_10200955479556482_1775756115_n 969810_10200955478476455_538628301_n 226648_10200955478996468_1377321534_nI did get video of him swimming but not uploading it to here.  If you are friends with me on fb I will put it there.

993771_10200955480356502_589684490_n 997017_10200955481796538_626067647_nHe followed directions and waited until after that chalk line to mount (we talked about that so he knew) and then he was off.  We walked around the back side of the pool to the other end of the bike route.  We missed him coming by the first time but found him as he came up the small hill to the end of the bike route.

421319_10200955482556557_715217131_n 970374_10200955485556632_456784113_nHe’s still smiling 🙂  They had the kids go down a small hill and then volunteers just had him hand off his bike and helmet.  They put them in the grass and then they could head off on the run route which was on the golf cart paths.

994644_10200955486756662_768373235_n 249000_10200955488476705_829254434_nWe went over the finish line to wait for him.  There is Dad waiting in the orange shirt for his boy.


296245_10200955490316751_2115352387_n  969442_10200955491476780_943162404_n 969341_10200955492716811_854584491_n 994365_10200955580359002_801238521_nAll done!!!!  He is a triathlete 🙂

944259_10200955493996843_1851913381_n My boy did a 50 yd swim, 3 mile bike ride and 1/2 mile run and his mama is super proud of him.

Oh and not to leave out the little guy.

995754_10200955495116871_1182673327_nEating a snack!

941240_10200955496636909_417069522_nHad a blue ring pop!

995149_10200955494636859_1156861601_nMy boy and one of his friends at the race!!

Here is the link to the Peachtree City Youth Triathlon –

I cant’ say it enough – it was so well run, I loved all the volunteers all along the course and everyone cheered the kids on like they were completing an ironman tri.  I truly expect my boy will do this again and I will start volunteering at it.  I think we all enjoyed the experience.

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