Product Review: Huma Gel

So I was reading one of my current favorite fitness blogs and she did a write up on Huma Chia Energy Gels I was intrigued after reading her review because they are made with all natural ingredients.  If you want to read her review, check out Swim Bike Mom’s write up.


So I contacted Huma asking if I could try their product and then write it up.  What’s the worst that could happen??  they say no and I buy me a sample pack and try them out on my own.


Guess what?  These guys are great, they sent me one of each flavor and just asked that I write up a product review.  I can do that!!

null_zpsd141808dSo why was I interested in Huma gels?  Well that’s because in unscientific terms I have a jacked up digestive system.  In more medical terms I have severe acid reflux (or GERD), hiatal hernia, gastroparesis, and food sensitivities.  So since having my two boys, I am now wheat intolerant and I have a list of foods I have to avoid or I’m in pain and have other digestive consequences – ummmm yeah they are fun.   So you see why I would be scared to try most main stream energy/fitness gels.  Plus with my acid reflux, I can often sound like I am gagging when I am out for a run or bike ride.  I’ve only almost thrown up a couple times.  (nice visual I know)   I have used Chomps on long bike rides and they don’t bother me but they are hard to get out of the package when you are on the bike and are pretty sticky.

So I tried the Apples & Cinnamon on Mother’s Day (May 12) when a group of us did a practice triathlon.  I ate the gel after the bike ride as I was leaving my transition area for the run.   My stomach had been in knots for the entire week before just from nerves about my upcoming race.  The apples & cinnamon tasted almost like I was eating apple sauce.  Texture is slightly different but not in a bad way.  I told my friend what was with me that I could handle that.  I made it through the run fine and my stomach felt no different which is a good thing.  🙂

So I had complete intentions to use the strawberries the following weekend at my tri.  See here it is on my transition towel as I set out everything I was bringing with me.

969522_189330224557232_1872536247_nWell you all know that the weather had other plans and we just did the bike and run portions.  I didn’t really lay out my area like I normally would and meant to put the gel out for me to grab.  Completely forgot and remember on the bike ride.  I knew where it was but wasn’t’ overly concerned that I needed it to finish the race.

So fast forward 2 weeks and I go on a long bike ride.  I went the day before and had Gumbeaux’s for lunch it’s Cajun food and soooo good.  I ate too much and had hush puppies so for the rest of the day and all night my tummy was mad.  I didn’t know how I would feel for my ride.   Got up yesterday morning feeling not bad but not good either so I had my normal breakfast and coffee.  Set out a little later for the ride and had the strawberries gel before we left.  We were going for less than 2 hours so I didn’t need additional fuel.  See!!!!

null_zpsc4821a7aThere was a group of 5 ladies and 1 husband that came out to ride.  Here is something funny, to celebrate National Running Day we tri ladies got a picture of us “running” with our helmets on.  lol

national running dayWe loaded up and set out for our ride.  We went 14 miles and overall had a great time plus several ladies had not ever been that far so that great.  When I got back to my van, I realized I didn’t have a stomach ache at all.  So not only did I feel great during my ride, the gel made my stomach feel better.  That is amazing!!!!  Strawberries is definitely my favorite but I also like the Apples & Cinnamon.

So what is IN Huma Gel? Normal stuff that you can pronounce!!!

Hüma is made from 100% All-Natural, Real Food ingredients.   The Strawberries has strawberries, evaporated cane juice, filtered water, brown rice syrup, ground chi seeds, citric acid, sea salt.  That’s it!!!!


So after two uses, I’m sold because it didn’t tear me up and made my tummy/gut/stomach feel better when it was already mad.  I ordered a sample pack to them in a few more situations but I have full intentions of ordering a case of Strawberries 🙂

Here is their neat graphic on energy gel 101


Also directions on when to use (I love their graphics they are super cute)


So give them a try!!!  Order a sample pack (they are reasonable) or a whole box

(Disclosure: I was given two Huma gels for free to review, but was not required to give a favorable review. My opinions, as always, are honest.)

7 responses to “Product Review: Huma Gel

  1. I have a weird texture thing with apple sauce but I kinda want to try these now!

    • it was really close to regular applesauce. I would give them a try. the strawberry was more like jam than the normal weird fitness gels. order a sample pack. it’s worth a try.

  2. So glad that you tested them out first! Your stomach is more jacked up than mine so I know that they will be ok for me if they are ok for you. Can’t wait to order some now! 🙂

  3. So glad that you found these and tested them out for us! My stomach isn’t as jacked up as yours so I’m sure they will work great for me. Can’t wait to order some! 🙂

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