4 days . . .

I got to do the coolest thing today!!!!


My friend is celebrating her 37th birthday so as a runner she decided to run a 37K to celebrate.  Now she did pick the hottest day of the year so far  but you know who is keeping track.  She started this morning and had multiple MRTT friends come out to run parts of it with her.  I met these two wonderful ladies at 10:30 and stayed with them until the end.  The birthday girl is in pink.

972255_10200981086796647_1043222246_n 971233_10200981087396662_617124109_nI was able to ride along for 2.5 hours and bring the comic relief, cold water, carry snacks and whatever else I could.  I’m so glad I was able to be there 🙂


As another friend just said, “You love that roll of bike support, don’t you!”  Yes, Yes I do!!!!

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