Best Run to date!!!!!!

I want to jump up and down and scream it from the roof top if I could about my run last night.   This sums it up quiet well 🙂57b9ed0a2b513b352dcad4ff1e80a710

Went for my Tuesday night run and had two great ladies to keep me company on my 2 mile run.  Had great company and I felt good the entire route.  When we stopped, I realized that my hamstring, hip flexor and piraformis (i.e. achy butt) did not feel tight, pull, ache or anything.  I had a slight tight spot in my inner thigh but that was it!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was elated, ecstatic, you name it!!!!!  This is the first time I have run without any kind of pain or discomfort since November.  🙂  WOOHOO!!!  Here is what I did and it was awesome weather.  🙂

Best Tuesday night run ever!!!

Here is the group, we had a great time!!

tuesday group 4_2


Headed out on a bike ride today after work.  Doing 12 miles on a new route with a bunch of ladies.  Should be fun.

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