Good Run on Saturday and a Great day in the Pool today!!!!

Saturday morning I set out with my big boy (he was on his bike) for a run with some of my wonderful MRTT ladies.  It was a cool morning and a little humid but not bad.  We followed a nice 2 mile loop (part of the triathlon route).  I was super pleased with how I did.  I slowed to let one lady catch back up, we stopped to get the boys to come back over to where we were and that was it.  I was able to hold a nice pace.

Saturday 3_30

So I am kid free this week. My boys are at my parents house for spring break.  That means mommy has a little more time.  I got to work early so I could do a longer pool workout today.  I was able to get an hour workout done and swam 2300 yds.  A new PR for distance.  🙂

100 warmup

100 kick

600 stroke only with paddles

100 kick

600 stroke

100 kick

600 stroke

100 cool down

I also worked on breathing during my 600’s.  So I am a breathe every 4 strokes like clockwork type swimmer.  So I stretched it out to every 6th stroke or 8th stroke for several 100’s until the end.

b634e7249f1806a7b1405d7bc60a12e3Of course I look just like this when I’m in the water LOL

I feel good and strong in the water and never want to get out when my time is up.  It’s a nice feeling.  So I was on Pinterest after my swim and found these.   This one is very pretty.


These just made me laugh 🙂

3dec1daca45722e7d26020bcd758c1a9 83d55b2e777d6451265372c79dd8d17d



Plan for the week:

Monday: swim (Done!!)

Tuesday: 2 mile run

Wednesday: bike ride after work

Thursday (if it doesn’t rain): bike/run brick, also have PT

Friday: swim

Saturday: Color Run 5k with my big boy!!!

4 responses to “Good Run on Saturday and a Great day in the Pool today!!!!

  1. Wow, you’re amazing!! I wish I could get into swimming.. I did the tiniest triathlon you can do one time, and the swim literally almost killed me, haha 🙂 never again. hope you get some great me time! xo

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