More good news today!!!

Went on a great bike ride yesterday afternoon/early evening.  Three of us met up and did a 12.5 mile route.  The weather was a little iffy but we carried on.  The first leg we did was the hardest and farthest (9.2 miles or so) so that if the rain picked up we could just head back to the car.  Then we went down a 1.5 mile pretty flat route to a small lake.  We all enjoyed that on the end of the ride.  It was challenging but it didn’t beat us down.  Our ride was done in just under an hour.


So this morning I had my physical therapy appointment, I was so excited to tell her about my fantastic run on Tuesday night.  I actually almost scared her, she thought for a second that something was wrong.  lol nope just me being super excited.  Well she is thrilled with my progress and thinks I am almost done with PT.  So I go back in 2 weeks and she thinks I will be released from PT!!!!  Woohoo!!!  I am also good to go on running 3 miles and to listen to my body and of course continue my exercises and stretches.

So with my races coming up, I’m going to have fun this weekend at the Color Run with my big boy.  At the Pi mile, I’m going to enjoy it and support my friend that this will be her first official 5k.  She has done several virtual races so she is excited that this is her first real race and all.  🙂  Then with Auburn coming up in 3 weeks, I want to see what I can do.  The route is really flat and I would love to run the entire time and see what my time will be.  🙂

Finally, I measured this morning and guess what?????  I’m down two more inches!!!!  Holy cow!!  I lost one inch out of my rib cage and a 1/2 inch out of each upper knee.  That’s 2 more inches!!  I’m now down 36.5 inches.  No I didn’t take new pictures.  But I am seriously excited.  🙂

23362491787446335_cBnDy5Ko_c 162270392794162013_tB0VWaUg_c 157696424421758237_yPLoXwuJ_c

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