My Run sucked again . . .

Not even going to upload what I did.  1.5 miles into my 3 mile run, my hamstring was already getting tight and I was tired.  So I walked for a little bit and then started running again and my leg tightened up so much I couldn’t keep an even stride.  So what does that mean?  I’m headed to the physical therapist tomorrow afternoon.  I called my friend who is my Nurse Practitioner and we had a long discussion (with some tears – mine) because I’m so frustrated.  We both agreed that I’ve dealt with this long enough and need to try something else.  I will let you all know how tomorrow goes.

On a happy note I got a new buff for my head.  🙂 Some wonderful friends of mine got it for me.  🙂 I wore it during my run and love that I have two options now.  It’s my favorite way to cover my head, keep my hair out of my eyes, sweat out of my eyes and keep me warm if I need it.


4 responses to “My Run sucked again . . .

  1. Well – don’t give up… I came back after near 7 months of knee injury… I can tell you it is bloody hard getting back in… the end of the year I barely made 3 k… yesterday I ran 18 k… it just takes time to get back in… so don’t give up…

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