The Donna race recap part 1

Be ready cause there is serious photo overload.  Might have to break this into two posts 1) before and 2) the race

We’ve been planning this for weeks.  The ladies running it have been in training mode for months.  At the beginning of January I started tagging along on their long runs with me on my bike.  I couldn’t run because of my hip but I could ride and it didn’t hurt at all.  After the second one, they all had decided I needed to come along and cheer them on.  After I got all the details sorted out and the hubby was ok with it, then we officially started planning.

The week before we had our planning meeting, fix our logos and make  one more sparkle skirt meeting.  This is most of us.  One more was on vacation in New Orleans.

13185_10200414211899351_953817383_nThe work table and yes I was made to bring my sewing machine lol


Our logos (again) ready to go.



So Saturday morning we loaded up and set out for Jacksonville.  I think we packed enough stuff 🙂  We were laughing on how much we were bringing for just a weekend and this was just my van, nevermind what what in the other 3 cars.


Everyone was set, gas tank was full and we set off.  We all packed our lunch so we could keep on trucking down the road.  The girls wanted to get to the expo and not be rushed.  She is laughing at me because I was taking pictures of her eating and my sandwich.

17526_10200350169184101_1644285492_n 539345_10200350168584086_1710551757_n

We made really good time and got to the expo in Jacksonville around 2:00 pm.  It was rainy, cold and windy.  Great!!!! (a whole lot of sarcasm in that one).  I got pics of everyone picking up their packets, race goodies and even got in a shot or two myself.

69279_10200350223865468_464270088_n 17614_10200350224265478_1127596202_n 21690_10200350223585461_2105163624_n  207251_10200350171064148_515100969_n482396_10200350254746240_1928604932_n  539463_10200350254986246_1043444201_n

We actually got to meet the “Donna” who is a 3 time cancer survivor and ran the marathon with everyone.  One of my friends got her two books (both signed) and we got pictures with her.  485189_10200350171664163_2132846952_n 563308_10200350485312004_113503466_n179662_10200350475631762_1155054698_n

So we shopped a little bit, each of us got a little something.  Bondi bands, stickers, magnets, key chains, compression socks (that was me) or whatever we wanted.  I got a pair of the pink compression socks.  That was one of the booths I wanted to stop at in the expo.  While talking with this great girl, I noticed she has calves like mine and was wearing the socks.  Based on the pics on their website, I didn’t know if they would fit me.  Well they do and I love them!!  See happy feet!!!  I wore them home on Monday for the car ride and have for a run and bike ride.  Seriously they are awesome!


After everyone got settled in their rooms, we met to chat about dinner and race day.

535636_10200350224665488_875104797_n 521525_10200350225145500_226628429_n

Dinner was decided (most of them got pasta from Olive Garden and a couple of us got Longhorn) and then we set out to get food and meet up at our hotel for dinner.  There was plenty of tables and space for us to have a picnic in the lobby.


Here I am 🙂


Then we had a big surprise.  It was one of our friends birthday, so we secretly planned a whole surprise for her.  I got a cookie cake and a starbucks gift card.  Another friend got her a cute pink running shirt and card.  She was so surprised and felt loved.  Mission accomplished 🙂


The birthday girl!! Not only was it her birthday, it was her first marathon.  So proud of you!!!!


After visiting for a little while we all went back to our rooms.  Then gathered up for our flat mama’s.  It’s a thing in our running group (MRTT) you lay out your entire outfit and take a picture of it.

225269_10200445378718502_1023700382_nWe were even missing two of them.  One sent us a pic of her’s and the other completely forgot.  And here is how you get high enough to take that shot.  lol


Me and my roommate met up with Florida MRTT girls in the lobby before heading to bed.  We had logos, headbands and other fun goodies for them.


One thing I forgot. . .



Stay tuned, race day post will come . . .

2 responses to “The Donna race recap part 1

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to be part of a running group someday! Actually I guess I need to start running first LOL Baby steps though …..

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