Hip update

Saw my chiro this morning – two things: 1) she thinks my pelvic bone was shifted so I got poked, pushed and muscled more than normal (and it didn’t all feel good) to put it back into place and 2) my hip flexor is also to blame.  I added a stretch for the psoas muscle and hip flexor just yesterday.  She said that was good and to keep doing it.  Also gave me a couple variations of pigeon pose to do that deepens the stretch.  psoas-stretch1


So I’m on the right track, it’s just frustrating.  I did look up using KT Tape for hip flexor and piriformis muscle pain and to help me not hurt (or as much) while I do the Hot Chocolate – sorry I’m not missing this- I will tape up my hip and see if that helps to get move without hurting (as much or at all, I can hope can’t I????).    I will pick up some tape today.

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