My hip is being a pain in my butt . . . literally!

First my hip:

Had a test run on Saturday, still not good but better than the last time I ran a week ago.  I felt great most of the week before and several days before I had little to no tenderness in my hip at all.  All signs that I should have a good run.  Went to a path right up the road with 4 other MRTT ladies.  It’s a 1/2 mile loop and we would do as many loops as we wanted to at our own pace.  I started out about at my normal 13ish min/mile.  felt ok but almost immediately had my hip poking at me right in the middle of my butt.  I did 3 laps and then stopped to stretch, one more lap and then I couldn’t run anymore.  The weird pain (that is completely related to all of this b/c it goes away when I push my fist into the middle of my right butt cheek) that comes up my inner thigh was back.  I walked 2 laps and was done.  Yes I made it 3 miles but it’s so frustrating.  I feel so much better (today is a different story, it’s bothering me) but running brings this weird pain back. ugggggggg!!!

I have too much to do this month and onward to have problems.  The Hot Chocolate 5k is Sunday, I’m running/walking it no matter what.  It’s an expensive race but I get a sweatshirt, I’m dressing as an oompa loompa and my sister’s & cousin’s are coming too.  Not missing this.  I will most likely have to do run/walk intervals to make it the entire route.  1 min/1 min and see how that feels.

Ok, so I have a chiro appointment on Wednesday and we will talk about it.  I did more web searching and found some strengthening exercise for piriformis syndrome that I’m going to add (not going to hurt to try).  I will not run this week and instead will get in the pool (brought my stuff with me today but forgot cash to pay for the drop in rate – crap!) and ride my bike (may set up my trainer and ride in the kitchen a couple days this week since this doesn’t hurt).

Here are the new exercises I’m going to add starting today to see if this helps strengthen my hip and make my problems go away (in addition to my stretching).

piriformis exercises2

got these from this website:


Official start is next Saturday Jan 19th, I’m super excited and nervous.  Also worried about my hip.  We are running, so I will just do what I can.  I am excited to get my training plan, I do so much better with a plan.  I’m an engineer, that’s the way I work.  I’ve tried the entire month of December to just get in the pool and can’t seem to do it.  If I have a schedule that I need to get done, I do sooooooooo much better.  Need to do strength training too.  so much to do and it’s  a little overwhelming since I don’t’ know what to expect.

Exercise reward:

I’ve got a nice little pot of money from exercising, rewards from a weight loss challenge and I won $25 from work b/c I carpool.  I’m actually a little stumped on what to buy myself this time.  Threw out the idea to my MRTT group and I got some great suggestions including a massage (may have to do that anyway b/c of my hip).  Well I may use it to get new running tights.  After my bike ride earlier this week, I realized mine are getting pretty loose.  I bought these last year in February for my 2nd 5k when it was 38 degrees.  I was debating between two sizes, the bigger fit really nice, the smaller pair fit but weren’t uncomfortably small so I bought the smaller size.  Glad I did that now.  I didn’t wear them again (was feeling guilty that I hadn’t used them).   Well no worries, I’ve gotten my use out of them this fall/winter.  I’ve worn them tons and really like them.  They are now sagging at the knees and loose throughout my entire waist, hips and thighs.  So I think I’m going to hit my favorite local sports store and get me a new pair of Under Armor tights (that’s what I’ve got and I’m sticking with it).   I will get the smaller size and continue to wear mine until I just can’t anymore.  😀  It’s a problem I am loving to have.

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