Hip is continuing to improve!!!

After a whole lot of stretching, resting and being good I think I’ve finally turned a corner on my hip.  I rode my bike two days in a row and then went on a 4.6 mile walk on New Years and I’m still feeling good.  Very little poking or discomfort at all – YAY!!!!!!!  So I’m going out for an easy 3 mile run tomorrow morning to see how everything feels.  I will also be the bike ride along for my MRTT ladies doing a 20 mile run on Sunday.  That will be fun for me (not so much for them 🙂 ).  I am really hoping that I’m better because I have the hot chocolate 5k on Jan 13th and I’m not missing that.  I’ve got too many friends going plus my two sister’s and two cousins.  It’s going to be a blast.  My MRTT group is dressing up as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Our wonderful leader is Wonka and the rest of us are her oompa loompa’s.   If you don’t remember what an oompa loompa is – then here is a picture.



So we are making them look cute.  We have striped socks, orange tights, white skirts, brown shirts, suspenders (with buttons) and green hair.  I made my own green wig to wear.  What do you think???  We are not painting our faces orange. I don’t want to run 3.1 miles with face paint on and I know the one’s doing the 15k don’t want it for 9.3 miles either.  That’s where we drawn the line lol.  oompa-loompa-hair

I can’t wait it will be fun.  🙂

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