Happy New Year!!!!

So I started to type up a post yesterday and then got side tracked with cleaning and organizing around the house.  So I finished off the year yesterday with a 19 mile bike ride.  Some of my MRTT ladies were going for a long run and gave me an option of a 4.5 mile run.  I’m just not sure how my hip will handle it so then I had the grand idea of loading up and riding with them to keep them company and just move my legs.  It was a long slow 19 mile ride that we did in just over 3 hours (with a couple stops).  My hip handled it really well and only poked me a little at the very end.  I made sure to stretch really well when I got home.  I spent the rest of the day working around my house.  Doing the little cleaning, putting away and other stuff that make it look a lot less cluttered.  Hubby and I also got to watch a bunch of TV shows that we can’t watch with the boys around so that was fun.

So to start off the New Year, several of us got together for a walk and cheering squad for a few ladies that were running 18 to 26 miles.  It got rainy and kind of cold but we had fun.  Made it 4.6 miles in an hour and a half.  We had a great time, lots of good conversation and we started out the year on a good foot.  After getting soggy, we headed to Starbucks for coffee and warmth.


I hate New Years Resolutions because if you are going to do something, do it now and don’t wait until January.  Plus I think you are setting yourself up for failure because people make them too ambiguous or big that they are next to impossible to achieve.  I much prefer goals and these goals are one’s I’ve had for several months now and I’m working on them.  So here you go, here are my goals for this year:

**Want to run an entire 10k without stopping

** Complete a sprint series triathlon (doing a super sprint first in May) still need to pick the race, i have multiple options

** Complete a bike event in April (either 30 miles or 62 miles)

** want to run a sub 30 min 5k

I obviously want to continue to loose weight and inches but think that having these concrete fitness goals to work toward will be the best way for me to keep the positive momentum.  If I don’t achieve a goal this year I will be ok with that as long as there is progress – i.e. the sub 30 min 5k.  As long as I see improvement and progression toward my goal then that will keep me happy.  A friend posted this picture on her fb group – Heart Sweat Lipstick and I loved it.


One response to “Happy New Year!!!!

  1. I have the same train of thought when it comes to resolutions! The current time is always a perfect time to make a positive change, no sense waiting till the first of a month to declare a resolution

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