Went out for a test run yesterday

I woke up yesterday feeling pretty good and I was itching to get out and try to run.  I started out at a snail pace even for me just take it easy. I did forget my garmin but tried out an app I got right before I got my watch.  It’s called Endomondo and it actually kept a gps signal the entire time so that was good.  I just kept it slow and steady to just see how my hip would do.  No pain just poking in my right butt cheek.  I headed out around the lake with a plan to do a straight out and back.  The first mile felt pretty good, if everything had stayed that way I felt like I could have run the entire 10k loop.  I turned around and headed back.  after I got within less than 1 mile to go, my inner thigh started kicking in and I had to start walking.  I wanted run more but couldn’t.  It took me about an hour and I maintained about 13-15 min miles until I started walking.  So now I’ve got a couple new exercises and stretches to try and kick this thing.  It’s officially called piriformis syndrome – where the piriformis muscle pinches, or puts pressure on the sciatic nerve which is right in the middle of your butt cheek.


So hopefully I am improved enough to venture out for a run with my group.  Otherwise I will get on my bike.

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