Getting Ready for the Hot Chocolate 5k

Getting ready for the Hot Chocolate 5k.  I decided to be crafty and make my skirt for the race.  I needed a white skirt for the oompa loompa pants.  I found a neat little blog post (I will post it later) on using a t-shirt as the waist for the skirt and then add pleated fabric for the bottom.  I found white polka dot cotton fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I couldn’t resist.  You get photo bombed with my progress with a finished product self portrait. yes I know it’s in the bathroom mirror again, but you get a different bathroom this time and yes I”m standing on a chair.  Yes I know I’m short.  lolHot Chocolate prep 1 Hot Chocolate prep 2 Hot Chocolate prep 3 Hot Chocolate prep 4

I will post pictures tomorrow of my entire outfit since I’m helping at the Expo for MRTT.  It will be a blast.  🙂

Here is where I got the skirt idea (I wouldn’t’ call it a pattern more of a guideline)

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