Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine started out way early in the morning, after I had to get up with my little man to make potty runs.  Lets just say I was a little tired when I got up Saturday morning for my run.  I dragged a bit on my run but I did get it done.  I let the dog out and sat on the couch for a bit to wake up and fix my coffee.  I got ready and slipped out of the house and thankfully no one else got up.  The weather was perfect – 59 F and it felt heavenly.  I met up with the group and we headed out.  Most of them were doing 5 miles total but I knew i would turn around before that at about 2 miles for a total of 4 miles.  I did stay with the main group for 3/4 of the first 2 miles which is better than the last time when they started loosing me just after the 1 mile mark.  So WIN for me for a small improvement.  I turned around at the 2 mile point with another girl and we stayed within sight of each other for quiet a while after that.  I lost her when I needed my own potty break but I managed to make it back to my car in under an hour.  I still can’t find my stop watch so I have no idea how I was doing.  I’m going to try out the RunKeeper app on my phone on my next run and see if I like it, if it even works where I run (cell service can be spotty).  I wonder if my little man has walked off with my watch and put it somewhere special.  Maybe I will find it eventually, probably after I go buy a new one or get me a garmin.


The plan this week, first I have got to start swinging my bell again but I don’t need to make myself hurt during my runs so I will have to be careful with this.  So I seriously need to pull it out tonight and do a workout.  Probably I will back up one or two and start there to ease back into it.  I quit a few weeks ago when I was pushing myself too much and suffering for it.  I backed off for a 1/2 a week and started to feel better.   Well then my two races were coming up and I didn’t need to hurt while running because of my kb workout so I didn’t start them back.  I really do need to do some strength training and I was enjoying the bell and the results so I will pull it back out.  So here is my current plan:

Monday: Kettlebell

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: run 3 miles

Thursday: Zumba

Friday: off

Saturday: run 4 miles

Sunday: kettlebell, bike ride or off???  who know what we will do

Ok I will leave you with a few new inspirational things I found today.  I need to take a few pictures of my runs so I have those to share also.


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