I get to eat my words already!!

Within just a few minutes of posting my schedule for the week, I got an email from a list server of Georgia Tech saying that the football game (we have season tickets) is being moved from 7 pm to 12 noon.  So a run Saturday morning will be out.  I guess I will be moving it to Sunday.  I will have to check with my MRTT group and see if anyone wants to join me so I don’t have to do it by myself.


I was also bad, after talking about how I NEED to start doing my kettlebell workouts again, I didn’t do it.  I know bad me.  I will probably try to do pushups and tricep dips to work on some upper body this week and on Thursday I could do my bell workout, keeping it nice and easy.  I will fit it all back in.  🙂


A neat weight loss win for me – I went to Target after lunch with some ladies.  I was wandering around the fitness clothes and found a clearance section (my favorite) and picked up two size large shirts (I have moved down one size since last year).  Well I found this really cute purple one but all they had was a medium.  I held it up to the large and there wasn’t much difference so I just decided to buy it.  Well guess what???  It fits (a little more snug than I want but I got it on).  I can’t believe it but I think that is a huge win that a medium size shirt went on my body.  I will probably put my MRTT logos on a couple of these shirts and see what else I can find on clearance at my Target near my house. 

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