Have I mentioned that I’m enjoying the cooler/dryer weather???

No?  Can you tell I’m thrilled about this?

It was in the upper 50’s when I left my house and it’s only suppose to get up to the mid 70’s this afternoon.  Which means, I get to go do my 3 mile run OUTSIDE!!!!  I’m headed out at 7:15 pm tonight with a running friend and I’m super excited.  It should be around 73 F with ~50% humidity so it will feel like fall (finally).


I finally know about my big boys soccer game this weekend (nothing yet on the rest of the season) but his game is Friday night which means I can go run with the group on Saturday.  We will head up for the GT football game at lunch time.  I believe start time is at 3 pm.  Makes me happy to be able to fit everything in without killing myself.


Ok and for your small dose of inspiration this morning here you go!!!

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